Interior Plantation Shutters

Basic Principles

Shutter louvre blades vary in five sizes from 32mm up to 114mm. The larger the blade the greater the visibility. The blades can be controlled either by a centrally controlled 'tilt rod' or a hidden action built in to the frame.
All shutter panels are made to measure and as such can be configured in a number of different ways. Full height shutters cover the windows from top to bottom. Tier on tier is one panel above the other, thus giving you the option to open the top and bottom independently. Cafe style shutters are when the shutters only go up to a specific height and usually used in conjunction with curtains.
The frame is the solid section around the panels enabling the shutters to be hung with an opening action. There are options on how and where the frame is to be installed depending on the design of the window.
The shutters are made from either light density fibre or timber. There are several variations of timber, which in turn are used for specific uses and finishes. The factory is the only supplier in the UK to manufacture shutters in FSC accredited timber, which is environmentally friendly.
There are different colour palettes that are available for the varying range of materials. In addition the factory are able to colour match against any proprietary brand thus giving limitless options.
Throughout our design consultation we are able to advise on all the above factors. However in some circumstance we come across irregular shapes, which will need templates. Interior Plantation Shutters don't cut corners, unless it is by design, and in every way measure up.

Frequent Q&As About Shutters

At first glance shutters can appear to be fairly simple in design and finish. However due to the many different styles in windows there is no standard and as such each one needs to be treated individually. Interior Plantation Shutters are always happy to answer your queries when considering shutters but in the first instance have prepared answers to commonly asked questions.

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The most experienced and knowledgeable advice available.
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The most technically advance factory in the world.
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